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About Me:
Hello, my name is Jamie Thelin and I make weird, electronic, experimental, progressive music I like to call 'synth-math'.
On this site you can find links to all of it, click on the album art to listen on Spotify.

Oh and I made this website with my bare hands.

That's pretty much it, follow me on Spotify:

Latest Release:
My latest release is Marmalade For The Weak
A stupid live jam with my brother on drums / a 12 minute riff spiral.

Latest Youtube Video:

Check out my recent synth jam, recorded directly on my phone while on a bus, so it's not great:

Next Release:
Citadel EP:
Release Date: 24/02/23
After the Monument came the Citadel.
01. Distractions For A World On Fire
02. The Distance Keeper Awaits
03. Halls Of Homemade Echoes
04. Citadel
05. The Cloudfarer Descends
06. Exile
Citadel EP
Thing-A-Week was my main project from October 2016 till April 2018. That's 78 weeks where I made at least one track.

I split these up into collections of 26 weeks as vol. 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0.

2.0 was completed after having taken a break to focus solely on Views From The Moon, my first album.
Thing A Week vol. 0.5:
Release Date: 24/04/17
Part 0.5 of my first year doing thing a week.
Wednesday Was Not The Of The World (Yet)
Phrygian 118
Christmas Special
Human Music
Sitting on The Edge Of The World Contemplating Double Glazing
Surprise Me
An Improvised Art Gallery
Spacey Kevin
After A While (Everything Tastes Like Raisins)
Minimal Effort Sound Experiment
The Golden Hyperbola
Floating Point Rounding Error (0.30000000000004)
Count to 10 and leave me alone
Non Standard Modality
Clavinet Mockery
The Unfiltered Truth
Infinite Reflection
Thing A Week vol. 0.5
Thing A Week vol. 1.0:
Release Date: 23/10/17
The second half of the first year doing thing a week.
With A Hint Of Grapefruit
A Twist Of Lime
Morke Hule
Pocket Sand
Halftime Hopscotch
The Cataclysm
The Reconstruction
A Beginner's Guide To Temporal Juxtaposition
Pentagon Fast
Pentagon Slow
Soundscape For A Dream
Fission Chips
There's Always Ladders
Battle Music
The Tale Of Billy Salmon, Or How To Undrown A Fish
Exploring The Sonic Alphabet
Sundown On Jupiter's 57th Moon
Electro Sole
Desynchronised Watches
Jazz Fingers And Apple Hands
Thing A Week vol. 1.0
Thing A Week vol. 1.5:
Release Date: 23/04/18
The first half of the second year doing thing a week.
The Microtone Zone
How To Defrost A Sausage
Quickly (Minus 6)
A Christmas Sequel
Of All The Air To Breath
Proof By Contradiction
Failed Computation
Proof By Induction
What If We All Wore Gloves
Shampoo As A Service
Self Referential Wallpaper Patterns
Snow Fever
Question Mark
Some Times
Thing A Week vol. 1.5
Thing A Week vol. 2.0:
Release Date: --/--/--
My return to Thing-A-Week.
As I Approach the Event Horizon
III - From Five Paintings In Monochrome
Lost Thoughts (Ode To Seagate)
Push (Shove)
Wednesday Was The Of The World (But Marmite Keeps Forever)
A Christmas Something
Life Inside A Tin Can
Welcome To The System Control System
Don't Touch The Plate, It Won't Subdivide Well
Untitled Snow Themed Sequel
Polygon Fast
Polygon Slow
Ancient Hum
They're Swarming
I Have Attached A Powerpoint Slideshow For Your Reference And Please Let Me Know If You Need Any Further Information Or If You Need Any Further Information Or If You Need Any Further Information Or If You Need Any Further Informa-
Ghost House
Secondhand Soup
Rice Is A Liquid (And So Are You)
Escaping The System Control System
Pavement Politics
Thing A Week vol. 2.0
These are all the collections of tracks that I have made, sometimes as part of my Thing-A-Week, sometimes just because.
Monument EP:
Release Date: 24/02/2023
A double prequel EP to Obelisk (alongside Citadel), that tell two stories 5,000 years prior to the events of the original release.

The pilgrims have traveled from far and wide to reach the Monument with the intention of uncovering the secrets it holds. But what they find when they arrive is much more sinister and has seemingly irreversible consequences. All that remains is to determine their fate...
01. Pilgrimage
02. Monument
03. Incantation
04. Un-Cage
05. Reckoning
Monument EP
Sustainable Paintings Made Of Wind, Or Modern Art That's Just Empty Space:
Release Date: 27/01/23
A sequel to Five Paintings In Monochrome. This release scraps the one-note-per-track rule, but continues to explore noisy ambient nonsense.
01. Untitled
02. Anonymous
03. Lost Property
04. [sic]
Sustainable Paintings
portmanteau parttwo:
Release Date: 02/10/20
A second series of noises.
01. stilllife
02. littlehippo
03. longpond
04. lemonroom
05. logicplague
portmanteau parttwo
portmanteau partone:
Release Date: 19/06/20
My obligatory quarantine sessions release. A series of noises, each hopefully weirder than the last.
01. apocalypsebritain
02. angularrabit
03. steadybird
04. sendmonster
05. bodyacre
06. magnetham
portmanteau partone
VFTM: Prologue:
Release Date: 20/07/19
A prequel to my debut album Views From The Moon in the form of 4 bonus tracks telling the story of waiting on the launchpad through to exiting the atmosphere.
01. T-Minus
02. Ignition
03. Exosphere
04. Beyond
VFTM: Prologue
Obelisk EP:
Release Date: 17/02/19
A four track EP exploring a surreal landscape full of stone pillars and giant bees.
01. Obelisk
02. Ancient Hum
03. They're Swarming
04. Re-Cage
Obelisk EP
Mobius Strip:
Release Date: 10/07/17
This consists of three tracks and all together is around 10 minutes long, but will loop indefinitely if you let it.
01. Side A: Approach
02. Side A: Turn
03. Side A: Descent
Mobius Strip
Release Date: 08/01/18
This is a three track EP based on some mathematical things, I was revising for an exam at the time.
Proof by Contradiction is based on contrasting time signatures, as always.
Failed Computation is meant to be an ambient piano piece which represents computers not doing what they're told.
Proof by Induction is a repetitive one designed to reflect the feel of n + 1.
01. Proof By Contradiction
02. Failed Computation
03. Proof By Induction
Five Paintings In Monochrome:
Release Date: 31/12/18
Some sort of fake art.
01. I (Yellow)
02. II (Cyan)
03. III (Blue)
04. IV (Purple)
05. V (White)
Five Paintings In Monochrome
Citadel EP:
Release Date: 28/04/23
Surreal Landscapes Part 3. A direct follow on from Monument.
01. Distractions For A World On Fire
02. The Distance Keeper Awaits
03. Halls Of Homemade Echoes
04. Citadel
05. The Cloudfarer Descends
06. Exile
Monument EP
Evacuating The Train:
Release Date: --/--/--
An upcoming EP inspired by my time on Southern Rail.
01. Unlock The Doors
02. Emergency Equipment
03. A Ladder Is Located Next To The Toilet
04. Sit On The Ledge And Jump To The Ground
05. Remain On The Train Until Instructed To Get Off
Evacuating The Train
Views From The Moon:
Release Date: 20/07/18
My debut Album 'Views From The Moon' released on July 20th, 49 years after the first moon landing. It tells the story of astronauts travelling to the moon, as well as a little insight to the inner monologue of a lunar rover in one track.

It features the following 13 tracks:
01. Opener
02. Closer
03. Halfway Home
04. Mare Tranquillitatis
05. Small Steps
06. Rocks (Collecting Science)
07. Earthrise
08. Distance
09. Ascent
10. Drift
11. Sol
12. Fall
13. Home
Views From The Moon
If The Sun Weighs Down The Sky:
Release Date: --/--/--
My second album, though it will be a while away, this will be my next big release.
While not a narrative concept album, the tracks are linked in some inexplicable way. Tracklist TBC.
If The Sun Weighs Down The Sky
Tourists In The Fourth Dimension:
Release Date: --/--/--
An album exploring a hypothetical 4th spacial dimension, tracklist TBC.
Tourists In The Fourth Dimension